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Emerson Bruce

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To the Hiring Manager,

I am very excited to be considered by you for a position on your team and I am sure it would be a great opportunity for us both. I would be an asset due to my extensive knowledge of SharePoint as well as Microsoft programs and technology. I can support and facilitate communication and production due to an extensive knowledge of computer applications, OS’s, and programming languages, as well as strong written language skills. I am skilled at prioritizing and organizing my time and tasks to meet deadline expectations, often using programs and technology to assist me. I have also gained experience of project management, assessment, concept, planning, presentation, documentation, and execution. The dedication you can expect and my pursuit of knowledge in the industry would allow me to contribute and succeed in your company.

I have learned a great deal working in the industry in the last 5 years as a Web & SharePoint Consultant and Admin at Winxnet, Inc. I also earned honors at York County Community College and set my goals above and beyond what is expected, always striving to do the best job possible. I pursued my education with great enthusiasm – first in Computer Applications, then the Computer Programming and Digital Media majors – and have never stopped learning in all areas of expertise, including maintaining a SharePoint & Web Blog and being a founding member of the SharePoint Maine User Group.

My resume and cover letter can convey only a limited sense of my qualifications. I would like to meet with you to further explore the contribution I could make at your organization. I will contact you in a few days to answer any questions and see if we can arrange a meeting. Should you wish to contact me before then, my number is 207.408.6851. Please leave a message if I am unavailable and I will return your call shortly. Thank for your interest and I look forward to meeting with you.


M. Emerson Bruce

SharePoint & Web Designer Developer

Professional Resume

Emerson Bruce is a Designer Developer with a passion for User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) and believes form should follow functions to initiate strong user adoption. She recently worked for Winxnet, Inc. in Portland, Maine doing on site and remote work in all areas of her expertise.

Areas of Expertise

  • SharePoint Site Collection Administration,      Central Administration, Error Logs & Troubleshooting, PowerShell, etc.
  • SharePoint 2010, 2013 Custom      Design & Development (Design Solutions & Deployment, Master Pages,      Page Layouts, Item Styles, Themes, etc.)
  • SharePoint 2007 Custom Design &      Development (Custom Themes, etc.)
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop,      Illustrator, Flash, MS Expression Blend, & Expression Studio)
  • User Interface (UI) / User Experience      (UX) Design & Development
  • Web & Application Design &      Development
  • DotNetNuke (DNN) Custom Skin and      Container Design & Development, Module integration
  • Various Scripting      & Programming Languages (JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript, .Net)
  • Responsive Web Design & Mobile      Website Development
  • Extensive CSS Expertise, Including      SharePoint and Responsive
  • Cross-browser Compatibility Development and Quality Assurance Testing
  • Accessibility Compliance Development & Design


Winxnet, Portland, Me

Jun 30, 2008- June 25, 2013

  • SharePoint – Administration, Design & Development, Central Administration, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Microsoft Office Integration & Support, Site Collection Administration, Super User, Custom UI/UX & Branding Features, Workflows, Metadata & Terms, Content Types, Permissions
  • Project Management & Planning – Assessment, Estimates & Statements of Work (SOW), Answer Requests for Proposals (RFP’s), Coordination, Meetings, Documentation, Client Support
  • Custom Static & Content Management System (CMS) Web Design & Development – Consulting, Graphic Design, Identity Design, Implementation, Upgrades, UI/UX, Site Maintenance
  • Print/Web Media & Graphic Design – Winxnet Branding Image and Package Creation, All Winxnet Branding & Marketing Materials, Public Facing SharePoint Website Design & Development with Anonymous Access, Banners, Ads, Publication Coordination, Insurance Website Package Development and Branding (, Responsive Website Design and Development (ex., more
  • Content Management System Design & Development – DotNetNuke (all versions), DotNetNuke Pro, WordPress (WordPress Hosted), Maintenance, Upgrades,  Custom Design & Implementation, Modules (Research, Purchase, Install, Configure)
  • Ecommerce & Storefront Design & Development – Site Setup, Custom Design Implementation, e-commerce integration with payment gateways (PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc.)

Town Office Coding Enforcement Department, Wells, Me

Jun 2004 – Feb 2005

  • Reworked preexisting database structure in Access, which allowed for ease of use and clarity, using third normal model.
  • Created SQL queries and query pages to better access like information using string searches.
  • Created and redesigned GUI on input and output pages to be more intuitive and professional looking.
  • Worked with the town manager to explain problems inherent in using Access for large databases and the benefit of custom DB.
  • Worked with a database designer to better meet the town’s needs of combining both data and photo/scanned items in database.

Online Learning Analyst, York County Community College, Wells, Me

Sep 2003 – Dec 2003

  • Designed a database structure in Access, which allowed for ease of use and clarity, using third normal model.
  • Maintained documentation on research and process to be passed on for following research projects.
  • Learned SQL over winter break to assist in the progression of the research, chosen for its flexibility and power.
  • Created additional tables from SQL queries, including joins, text searches, entry length, summarized group data, etc.
  • Used the SQL language with Access to perform data manipulation and data definition with complex queries, updates and alterations.
  • Explored the factors leading to positive participation and the success of online classes using qualitative research.
  • Wrote a white paper to disseminate findings of my work to the college for use in attaining further grants in the area of expanding online educational resources.

Independent Animation-Modeler, York County Community College, Wells, Me

Sep 2003 – Dec 2003

  • Modeled, textured, “skelegoned” and weight-mapped two character models for an independent group animation project ‘Synthetic Origin’
  • Followed concept sketches as faithfully as time allotted and learning curve made possible.
  • Consulted and brainstormed with other student to finalize story and model concept as well as to solve various problems.
  • Presented final animation to peers and teachers, including promotion and advertising.



University of Southern Maine

Continuing Studies Toward Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Arts & Sciences

Portland, Me

York County Community College

Certificate, Computer Information Specialist

3.9 GPA, Dean’s List

Associate of Science in Digital Media 2005

3.9 GPA, Dean’s List

Associate of Science in Computer Sciences 2006

Programming concentration

Moore College of Art and Design

Philadelphia PA – Intensive studies in Fine and Design Art, 3.5 GPA

Maine College of Art

Portland, Me- Continuing Education: Fine Arts, Art History, Design

Skills Overview – A Short List

  • SharePoint: Site Collection Administration, Central Administration, Workflows & Forms, SharePoint Designer, Custom UI/UX Features, Metadata Term Store, PowerShell, Troubleshooting
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design & Development: UI/UX Planning and Assessment, jQuery & JavaScript, Cross-browser Compatible Web Design & Implementation (IE 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, mobile, iPad, iPhone), Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Presentation Foundation, Flash, Content Management System (CMS) Design Skinning (SharePoint, DotNetNuke, Movable Type, ASP.Net Storefront, Catalook Storefront), Web 2.0, W3C, WAI, News Feeds (RSS, ATOM – XML XSL, StyleSheets)
  • Accessibility: W3C WAI Accessibility Compliant Design & Development, Accessible Dynamic Menu Development, Maine Office of Information Technology Compliance
  • Multi-Lingual Content Management System: Multi-Lingual Site Development in DotNetNuke, installation of language resource packs and multilingual extensions
  • Branding & Identity Design: Modern Website Design & Integration, Eye-catching Custom Multi-size Website Favicons, Print & Web Media Development (Newspaper, Marketing Materials), Social Networking Integration
  • Third Party Integration: PayPal development (Advanced Buttons & Parameters, jQuery Shopping Cart Store Widget), DotNetNuke Modules (Dynamic Forms, Multi-Lingual Site Extensions, Lucene Search Extensions), Social Networking & Bookmarking (ShareThis, AddThis Twitter, Facebook), Slideshows, AJAX content rotators, etc.), Audio/Video & Multimedia (Conversion, Optimization, Submission, and Embedding – YouTube, Google Video), News & Blog Feeds, Google Maps, Various Widgets
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): XML & Human Readable Sitemap creation, submission, and Software, Robots.txt exclusion & inclusion, Meta tag optimization, Keyword research, Webmaster Tools Integration, Advanced Google Analytics (Goal Conversion tracking, Ecommerce tracking)
  • Website Setup: Domain & SSL Purchase and Application, Website Extraction, Movable Type Site Creation, Server Side Site Creation, Whois, Domain Name Registration, Renewal, & Management, IIS 6, IIS 7, Client Authentication Certificate PKI Software & Services, Lucene Search Indexing
  • Programming: Flash ActionScript, .Net (VB, XAML), JavaScript, ASP, PHP, JSP,  ADO, XML, XSL, XHTML, Advanced CSS, SQL, Java, Website Cookies, Some Perl

Software & Tools Used

Programming Software & Tools

  • SharePoint Designer 2010, 2013
  • Microsoft Expression Studio (Web, Blend)
  • Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • IIS 6, IIS 7, IIS 7.5, SSL Certificates, URL Rewrites, etc.
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash
  • Various Website, Whois, Domain Name, & IP Tools
  • Sitemap Creation Tools (Protocol 0.9 – Dynamic & Static – XML, ROR, Text, HTML)
  • Website Performance Analyzer (Speed, Compression, Graphic Optimization, etc.)

Graphics Software & Tools

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Microsoft Expression Studio (Blend 3, Design 3)
  • Icon Creation Tools (Multi-size Icons and Website Favicons)
  • Accessibility Testing Tools (Cynthia Says, AccessColor, etc.)
  • 3D Modeling & Animation (Lightwave 3D, some 3D Studio Max)
  • Audio & Video Conversion Tools (Optimizing raw or already converted files)
  1. Hi Emerson,

    At work I’ve recently built a Staging and Production Sharepoint 2010 environment. When i’m in outlook and go to view a users profile, it always takes me to the staging environments MySite. How do i configure it so Outlook looks at Production Mysite. Your help would be much appreciated.


  2. Not positive about this, but you may be able to do it manually from the ribbon in the mysite. If you are using AD, this could also be where you would set it.

    Let me know if you find an answer!

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