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Setup Database Mail in SQL Server 2012 and 2014

by on January 21, 2016

Server Email Settings

  1. SSMS > connect to SQL instance
  2. Management > Database Mail > Right click > Configure Database Mailimage
  3. First time, you may get an “intro” screen you can check to hide in future > next
  4. Set up database mail…. radio button > nextimage
  5. Fill out database mail for your company settingsimage



Set Default Operator and Agent Settings

  1. Set up sql server agent > operators > new > create operator
  2. Select Notifications for this operator or come back later (multiple operators and schedules can be createdimageimage
  3. Enable Mail Profile on Sql Server Agent > properties > alert system (set default Operator also and token replacement if needed)image
  4. Set the Database Mail profile Security settings to public instead of private
    1. Database Mail right click > configure database mail > Manage Profile Security
    2. Set default profile *** don’t forget this dropdown or alerts will not send!


NOTE: Restart sql server instance (machine does not need restart, just instance via ssms) to register changes (alerts will not send, but maintenance plan notification tasks and test will still execute and send mail before restart).

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