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SharePoint 2013 And Outlook 2013 Calendar or Library Sync Error

by on April 2, 2015



Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error (0x80040102) : ‘Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint List (YourCalendarHere). The server may not be reachable from your location. Contact the SharePoint site administrator for more information. HTTP 301.’


You can connect to a calendar in SharePoint or Outlook initially, but get an error on syncing.

Going to File > account settings button > account settings > SharePoint lists and clicking on item may show that you are connected with Read permissions.

NOTE: I recommend deleting the SP connections in Outlook and then reconnecting to Outlook after any of the changes below!!!

Solutions 1: Permissions Need to be Granted

Connection has No access, cannot connect

Make sure the user has access to the calendar – if there is broken inheritance on the site. Make sure the user has site access.

Solution 2: Multiple Computers to Sync

You log in to multiple machines, uncheck the checkbox for “display this list on other computers with the account:


Solution 2: Alternate Access Mapping

Connection has Write Permissions

Check your AAM to make sure it does not have any lingering development settings – for example, we may have a machine name listing, that is later changed to, but the old AAM is left in Central Administration as a backup. I typically like just one address in AAM

NOTE: It may take a few minutes for this to take effect, or you can try doing an iisreset on all your Web Front End servers

Solution 3: Allow Limited Access Permissions

Connection has Read Permissions

If you like to use broken inheritance and users may not have site access, you may need to disable the site collection feature Limited-access user permission lockdown mode – Note that this is intended to help avoid unintentional access to site content when the user is removed at a higher level. It is on by default in on-prem installations and off by default in O365.

Solution 4: Enable Syncing

Connection has Write Permissions

This may only be needed for documents and specific instances.

Enable at the Website level: Offline Synchronization for External Lists

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