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How to Delete Metalogix Content Matrix Job History

by on July 7, 2015

Sometimes the tool times out when trying to delete job history on Microsoft SQL Server.


  1. click on job
  2. Click on “export to excel”image
  3. in the popup, select the GUID (the part after the DB name)image
  4. replace the GUID in the script below

--export to excel - GUID After "DB"

-- ex: e9bb6013-a732-410c-9892-912b62aae4f9 delete FROM [Metalogix_JobHistoryDB].[dbo].[JobLogItems] where jobid = '8ed55aec-8da3-4234-a901-06d92aeb6b36' delete FROM [Metalogix_JobHistoryDB].[dbo].[JobHistory] where jobid = '8ed55aec-8da3-4234-a901-06d92aeb6b36'

or just view job history:

SELECT * FROM [Metalogix_JobHistoryDB].[dbo].[JobLogItems]

  where jobid = ‘3cea22b9-90d0-44c2-922d-25ae46ff9c49’

  select * FROM [Metalogix_JobHistoryDB].[dbo].[JobHistory]

  where jobid = ‘3cea22b9-90d0-44c2-922d-25ae46ff9c49’

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