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Enable Server Side Include Processing in IIS 7.5

by on June 8, 2015

Enable processing of HTML files for SSI

NOTE: I recommend you do this only for specific sites which need it, but it can be done at the site or server level, just click on the proper location when looking for the Handler Mapping icon.

  1. Enable the IIS Server side Include (SSI) feature on the server via add/remove features
  2. Set up the file handler for HTML – ssi are only processed on HTML files by default
    1. open IIS7 > click on website > In view pane, click on icon for IIS > Handler Mappings
    2. Under actions on right > click on "Add Module Mapping”
    3. Enter the following informationn
      1. Request Path: *.html
      2. Module: ServerSideIncludeModule
      3. Executable: blank
      4. Name: SSI-htm (or whatever you choose to name it)clip_image002
    4. You should now see a new Mapping entryclip_image004
    5. Click Ok and test
      1. do IIS reset if not working
      2. restart machine if not working
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