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Great Plains EFT Batch Recovery Frozen Error

by on April 23, 2015

When running an EFT batch, sometimes you will find a $0 dollar check can cause and error and Batch Recovery does not work.


Report says: “Duplicate check numbers are not allowed. This transaction contains errors. It won’t be posted”

GP Menu > Tools > Routines > Batch Recovery



GP marks all zero dollar checks with the first number of the batch and the prefix REMIT

· First check in batch REMIT00006789

· All $0.00 checks in batch REMIT00006789

It is recommended you change the checkbook prefix from REMIT to EFT to avoid any conflicts

· First check in batch FT00006789

· All $0.00 checks in batch REMIT00006789

You could also allow duplicate checks, but that is often not feasible


Only zero ($0.00) dollar checks should not go through, confirm this. You will need to edit or recreate and possibly rerun the failing checks as another batch – resolve as needed.

Dynamics Database

    1. Sys00800 – should not have any entries
    2. Sy00801 – should not have any entries (GL_Normal is general ledger – ignore)

Company Database

    1. UPDATE SY00500 SET MKDTOPST=0, BCHSTTUS=0 where BACHNUMB=’yourbatchnumerhere’

Consider changing the checkbook prefix to EFT to avoid future issues

  1. Cards menu in left column > Financial > checkbook > select checkbook
  2. EFT button > Payables Options button
  3. EFT Payment Numbers > change just the prefix REMIT to EFT
  4. Ok > Ok > Save




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