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Parse Form Email Subject Line in SharePoint With Calculated Columns

by on October 10, 2014

Create a form that can send to SharePoint email internally (you could also expose an email to the world, but that is another post and off topic). Enable email in a SharePoint library then use the calculated columns to parse the content.

Example Subject


Example Column

=MID([E-Mail Subject],FIND("[[isDental:",[E-Mail Subject])+LEN("[[isDental:"),FIND("]]",[E-Mail Subject],FIND("[[isDental:",[E-Mail Subject]))-(FIND("[[isDental:",[E-Mail Subject])+LEN("[[isDental:")))

Workflows – Optional

One workflow to create a new item in a task list using the calculated columns to fill appropriate fields.

One workflow to build a title for the task containing important “at a glance” info, including the item ID so you do not ever have duplicate titles.


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