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Allow Dreamweaver CC to Edit and Show .ASP Files in the WYSISYG Editor

by on April 2, 2014

This is a bit of a hack, and may or may not work for all .asp files as well as other file types Adobe has decided “not to support” – apparently 20% of the market share is not large enough for the software giant to bother with anymore.

Sadly, people who may need to support such files (ie. web professionals and support personnel such as in an office) may need to look elsewhere for a tool that does it all – this is the market Dreamweaver used to serve. Apparently it’s all about volume now. I digress, end of rant 🙂

Solution Fix:

  1. In Edit > Preferences
  2. Set dreamweaver to use itself as an editor on .asp files (or other file types you want to add back into DW functionality.
  3. Restart DW > open .asp (or other) file type – hopefully it will render in visual mode well enough for your needs
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