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How to Roll Back pdf iFilter From 11 to 9 or Fix Legacy pdf Software Interaction Issues After Server Upgrade

by on March 31, 2014

In Acrobat Reader and Pro X some iFilter functionality was removed, causing older or legacy applications to sometimes fail when pdf interactions such as indexing and converting (ie. the ability to read content) is required. You have to install Adobe Reader 9.x on 32bit systems or the iFilter 9 on 64bit systems. Reader XI supposedly has fixed this. If you find your application is not responding well to an upgrade, try the following. 64 bit systems may simply need the 64 bit iFilter installed explicitly, so you can just try that first.

  1. If your machine is 64 bit, try installing iFilter xi for 64 bit
  2. If that does not work – Uninstall
    1. Start > control panel > Programs > programs & features
    2. Uninstall adobe Reader, pro, or iFilter 11
    3. Remove the Adobe iFilter 11 path in environment variable
  3. Reinstall earlier iFilter which worked with application or functionality, 9 is the common one to reinstall


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