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Configuring Amrein Exchange Calendar Web Part for DST on SharePoint 2007

by on March 11, 2014

The AE Calendar has a configuration setting that can be added to the web.config to account for issues with Daylight Savings Time.

How to Fix the Daylight Savings Time Error in AE Exchange Calendar

Check Application Configuration

  1. Go to IIS and find the Site Collection on which you are using the AE Cal
  2. click on the web site listing for the web app
  3. on the right column, click on bindings to check that you are using the right web app (the url and/or port should match)image
  4. on the right column, click on Basic Settings and copy the Physical Path settingimage
  5. Open a Windows Explorer window and paste the address of the web app into the address bar to navigate to the web app folder

Edit the web.config of the web app

  1. make a copy of the web.config and name it web.config2014-03-22.old NOTE: You must change the extension of the file or it will still be read – more than one .config file can be used in a .net web appimage
  2. Open the original web.config > find the <appSettings> node
  3. At the bottom of the appSettings node, add the AE Calendar key for DST – I also recommend including a comment describing the purpose
      1. <!– The line below is for BE Intakes Calendar Webpart due to a Daylight Saving Time issue. –>  
        <add key="AEEC_DSTBias" value="0" />

  4. save the web.config

Restart the application pool

Restarting the app pool will register the changes to the web config this should be fairly fast but can interrupt functionality for a minute or two, particularly if you have no fail over server.

  1. in IIS, with the web app selected, click on Advanced Settings in the right hand column
  2. Check the Application Pool the web app is usingimage
  3. in the left column of IIS7 click on Application Poolsimage
  4. in the center window of IIS7 click on the app pool listed for the web app you edited
  5. In the right column click on Stop then Start under application pool. It may take a moment for the application to stop completely and allow you to restart – you will see an error until the application lets you click on start. Recycle does not always work.image

Testing & Failover Server

If you are using failover servers, you may want to test if the fix worked. Set the Hosts file to point to the local installation IP and test the web app on the server.

Repeat as Needed

Implement on Failover server web app and for any web applications running the web part.

Possible Issues & Resolutions

Install Updated DLL

You may need to install the updated EWSProxies.DLL if the fix does not work.

Download from and extract the dll and replace it in c:\windows\assemblies on the offending servers.

Set Time Zone ID if Needed

If the calendar is still not working properly, try setting the appropriate time zone in the web.config and restarting the app pool as described previously.

<add key="AEEC_TimeZoneID" value="Eastern Standard Time" />

Time Zone Values:

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