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How To Index PDF Content in Document Exchange Module for DotNetNuke

by on June 24, 2013

Getting indexing to work properly in Document Exchange can be frustrating, so here are a few tips for those having issues.

Install the Right iFilter for your Website & Server

The Bit Version Depends on your Application Pool

The x86 (32 bit) would be required if DNN operates in a web app set to 32 bit mode or on a 32 bit machine – anyone who has installed adobe Reader on the web front end machine automatically has this, since it is included and installed with Adobe Reader. 64 bit would be required on a 64 bit machine where the web app operates in 64 bit mode only. That means that if you are running your DNN App Pool in 32 bit mode (for compatibility reasons, for example) you would still be using the 32 bit version.

Most new DNN web app pools will likely be 64 bit.

The Correct Version Depends on the Indexer

However, it would have saved me a few weeks of time an hours of debugging to know which version of the iFilter (9) to install – I would recommend to the developer including this in documentation, as it will probably save some poor soul the same frustration.

Basically the Lucene search engine used in this application is only compatible with iFilter 9. That means if you installed Adobe Reader 11, it will not work, even in 32 bit mode, as this includes the iFilter 11 version.

Download and install the appropriate iFilter from Adobe

Instructions >

Give the Application Pool Identity Permissions to the iFilter

In some security concerned environments, this could be an issue. Just navigate to the /bin folder(s) containing the iFilter versions you installed, and give the app pool identity security access. For example, if you are using NetworkService, allow that account to read/execute, etc. (the default should work but you may need to adjust based on your environment.

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