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How To Stop DotNetNuke 7.x Edit Mode Hover Fading

by on June 13, 2013

DNN 7.x decided that adding an obnoxious and unnecessary hover indicator to EVERYTHING in edit mode was a good idea. This is not javascript or jQuery animation, but simply a CSS style change on opacity.

If you are like me, this starts to give you a headache after about 5 minutes, and plays havoc with creating any kind of edit documentation for yourself or clients.

Remove Hover Animation Opacity CSS

Admin > Site Settings > Style Sheet editor

Enter the below in the CSS:

/*stop fading on hover in edit mode*/
.dnnEditState .DnnModule {
opacity: 1.0;

Save Style Sheet

Update Settings

Enjoy editing in DNN 7 without seizures from blinking modules!

  1. We applied this fix and it worked great. Then we upgraded to version 7.3 and it stopped working and the fading on hover is back.

  2. Jim Schalesky permalink

    Thank you for this.

  3. Jeff permalink

    Beautiful. I thought I was the only one…how annoying.

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