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How to Remove the Meeting Workspace Selection from SharePoint Events and Calendar Items

by on June 3, 2013

imageThe Workspace selection checkbox field is part of the Event item content type, so you would expect you could just select > List tab > list settings > Advanced > allow management of content types.



Event Content Types

However, when you click through the exposed event content type link, you still cannot manage the Workspace field.image


Create a Child Event Content Type

  1. Go to site (or root site if it is going to be reusable)
  2. Site actions > site settings > Galleries > site content types
  3. Click on “Create” at the top of the list
  4. Name: EventNoMWS
  5. Select parent content type from: List Content Types
  6. Parent Content Type: Event
  7. Click OK
  8. Open the root site in SharePoint Designer NOTE: this is not available through any interface that I know of
  9. Content Types > EventNoMWSimage
  10. Click on Customization Section > Edit content type columnsimage
  11. Click once to select the Workspace field row
  12. Click a second time to get the Property column dropdown
  13. Set this to Hiddenimage

Add the Child Event Type to the Calendar

  1. go to the calendar
  2. Ribbon > list > list settings
  3. Content type > add from existing site content typesimage
  4. Select your new event Content Type > addimage
  5. Click OK

Set the Event Without Meeting Workspace As Default Content Type for the Calendar

  1. You can just delete the content type
  2. You can set it as Default via SharePoint Designer
    1. SPD > Lists and Libraries > Calendar
    2. Content Types > Click on your new event content type
    3. In the ribbon of SPD > Click on “Set as Default”

Now you should default to the new “no workspace” Event content type!

NOTE: Please remember to test any edits in a non-critical location before applying them to a live environment!

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