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Multiple Logins Required on SP 2007 and 2003 in Internet Explorer 10

by on May 3, 2013

Again, the cause of this is IE 10 not using it’s usual quirks mode formatting. SP 2007 is created to display in quirks mode, but not IE 10’s new updated quirks mode which is more like chrome or firefox. It was developed for the “old” quirks mode interpreter, which is really IE 5 (or what IE 10 refers to as IE 5 Quirks Mode).

You may want to know How To Force Old Quirks Mode in IE 10

Option 1 – Rollback IE 10 to IE 9

1. Start >Search > Control Panel

2. Programs > View installed updates

3. Search for “internet”

4. Right click “IE 10” > Uninstall


Option 2 – Use The Built In IE Developer Toolbar

1. Go to site

2. Hit the F12 button on the keyboard

3. In the developer toolbar that pops up on the browser do one of the following:

a. Set Browser Mode to IE 9


b. Set Document Mode to IE 5 Quirks


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