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Tips to Improve DNN 6 Performance

by on October 25, 2012

Host Settings

  1. Host Scheduler > Search Indexer – set to once a day if appropriate (not always an option) and set retry frequency to logical interval NOTE: This may be different if you have implemented an advanced search module/extension for DNN – consult your documentation.image
  2. Host > Host Settings >
    1. Uncheck “show copyright credits” – removes dnn copyright from source
    2. Module caching method: Memory (was File – may not be suitable for all environments, skip this unless the rest is not helping)
    3. Performance: heavy caching (was medium – may not be suitable to all environments)
    4. Compression: Gzip – this supposedly can cause some issues with DNN, but we had it enabled on installations that were upgraded to DNN 6.x and do not see anything at this point.
    5. Uncheck Auto Sync file system
    6. Scheduler mode: timer method (from request)

Enable expires headers

  1. Server > IIS Manager > click DNN website
  2. Double Click HTTP Response Headers (see image below)
  3. Right Pane > Click Set Common Headers
  4. Check the Checkbox "Expire Web Content"
  5. Enter Time To Live (TTL) – I like 7 days, but set as you want
  6. Click OK

To verify that it is working:

  1. Firebug (Firefox plugin for web developers) > Net Tab > Reload page
  2. Select the “+” button on a page resource that was not caching previously  and if "Cache-Control no-cache" exists it is not working NOTE: I have seen this not work according to Google PageSpeed




Enable Output Caching

Create entries for: “.css”, “.js”, “.jpg”, “.png”, “.gif”


One Comment
  1. Other Jane permalink

    Thank you very much for the clear instructions. Worked beautifully for me!

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