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Create A New Document from a Form/List Entry With A SharePoint 2010 Workflow

by on October 9, 2012

This technique could be employed to collect data from one user group and move it into a document in a library only visible to another user group.

In library you are adding the document to:

  1. Open the Forms folder for the library in SPD (click on all files for this view)
  2. Open the template.dotx file
  3. save it back to the forms library as template.docx
  4. Set the default template for the library to template.dotx (you can edit this further if you like

In the list you are using to collect your information:

  1. Create a new workflow
  2. Set the workflow (in my case it is on new item creation
  3. Edit the workflow
  4. Create Item in <This Library> (output to variable:create)
  5. Click on List link, select library, set path and name to title as string, add content type ID being sure to set “Document” (this is needed to create a valid document)image
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