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Reusing a Collect Data Task Name in SharePoint 2010

by on August 10, 2012


There is already a list survey or document library with this name. Please choose a different name.



When you created a collect data workflow, the name was used to create a content type to which that content could be saved and used in the associated Tasks list.

SP creates a new content type of your chosen name with a parent of SharePoint Server Workflow Task containing the related content you are requesting as a field. It then adds this content type to the task list.


Delete the content type you are trying to use in this case but be sure you are not actually using it in another workflow! Each subsite can have a content type of the same name. You may want to plan out naming convention, but a bit of creativity can get you something acceptable in most cases.

Then recreate the collect data task with the correct name. This is one of those areas where SharePoint does not clean up after itself.

How to Delete the content type from the Task List

task list > list > list settings > click on content type > delete

How to Delete the content type from the Site

site actions > site settings > find content type > delete



NOTE: If you get this error when deleting the site content type, it is still in use and you need to delete it from the task list first, before deleting from the site.

If you get this when deleting the task content type, you need to delete all associated tasks.


One Comment
  1. You can find out which content types are available for assignment to lists and libraries, and how they are grouped, by viewing the Site Content Types gallery under Site Settings in the user interface. You can obtain a more complete listing—one that includes hidden content types—by writing server code such as the following console application.

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