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Email Logs and Tracking on a Web Server

by on July 18, 2012

Think there may be an issue with emails being sent from a website or web application on your server? Here are a few ways to see what is going on.


Web Server > Inetpub > Mailroot

Queue (these are emails that are waiting to be sent out)

IIS Log Files for the Application or Web Site

IIS 6 > right click Web site > Properties > Web Site tab > Enabling logging (the next part is not available until this is checked) > properties > log file directory & name



Note: this is not always enabled and can take up space on the server fast – it is recommended to designate a different drive at least, so it does not affect web sites or databases, etc.

SMTP Email Log Files

IIS 6 > right click on Default SMTP Virtual Server (SMTP/Email Server) > Properties

Under Enable Logging > properties > Logging Properties dialog window > Log File Directory > open this address in Windows Explorer

SMTP Email Service

Start > Administrative Tools > Services

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) > try stopping and starting the service

NOTE: If you have Exchange, this service will be different. I recommend talking to an Exchange Guru rather than fiddling with it yourself.

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