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How to Create a Title Link to the Current Item in SharePoint 2010 Workflows

by on April 27, 2012

You can quickly just enter in the lookup below! This works in email workflows, comments or other field change workflows, or anything you can think of really!

[%Workflow Context:Current Item Url%]

Or get more complex and make the Item Title a link to the item

<a href=”[%Workflow Context:Current Item Url%]”>[%Current Item:Title%]</a>

Using the Interface


In a String Builder popup, which you navigate to by clicking  on an appropriate workflow variable setting in SharePoint Designer workflow interface or by clicking on the elipse (…) button in the email editor in SharePoint Designer workflow interface, do the following:

  1. Click on “Add Or Change Lookup”
  2. Set Data Source to “Workflow Context”
  3. Set Field from Source to “Current Item Url”
    • NOTE: You may need to manually select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Click “ok”
  5. Test your workflow!

The Full complete url should appear like the below:


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