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Incorrect URL or 404 Error for MySites People Search Results in SharePoint 2010

by on April 19, 2012

This is due to incorrect configuration in the User Profile Service settings and can result in an incorrect or malformed url or a 404 error.


I was seeing a double page address at the end of the url like the below, and it was going to the default.aspx page of the search center, not peopleresults.aspx



Update User Profile Service Application

This service provides all social networking features – Audiences, Mysites, User Profile pages, social tagging and likes, etc. – to the SharePoint Farm.

  1. Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Service Applications
  2. Find the User Profile Service Application and click on associated linkimage
  3. User Profile Service Application > My Site Settings > Setup My Sites image
  4. Preferred Search Center > check and change the Preferred Search Center URL as needed. In this case, remove the /default.aspx from the url
    • NOTE: Be sure to leave the /Pages/ portion of the URL or it will not work properly
  5. Click OK
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