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Current Page Aware Menu Class With jQuery

by on April 4, 2012

The following uses a matrix of case insensitive menu item text and page urls to highlight the menu item matching the current page. This is great for a small menu of items, but does not work with exact matches (so Help and Code Help would both be highlighted menu items.


<div class="toptabs">

<div class="toptabsinner">

<a href="/pages/myaccount.aspx">My Account</a>

<a href="/pages/myservices.aspx">My Services</a>

<a href="/pages/help.aspx">Help</a>



The Javascript/jQuery Code

//create case insensitive :contains selector
$.expr[":"].containsNoCase = function(el, i, m) {    var search = m[3];    if (!search) return false;    return eval("/" + search + "/i").test($(el).text());};   

                //if url contains tabname add current tab class
                var isPage = window.location.pathname.toLowerCase();
                var PageIndexes = [
                                ["/myaccount.aspx","my Account"],
                                ["/Myservices.aspx","my services"],
                for (i=0;i<PageIndexes.length;i++){
                     $(‘.toptabsinner > a:containsNoCase("’+PageIndexes[i][1]+’")’).addClass(‘currentTopTab’);

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