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Content Types in SharePoint 2010

by on March 21, 2012

Things to Note:

  • Custom Content Types are Site Collection or Site based
  • To create and edit Content Types you must have Full Control permissions
  • All new site content types are based on a parent content type
  • Content Types are located in the Site Content Type Gallery

Scope of a Content Type

Content types are site or site collection level. This means you can use a content types on all sites in a site collection, without having to worry about competing content types in other site collections. This may also mean you have to recreate or programmatically provision content types if you want them available farm wide (there are probably other ways to do this as well).

Site Content Types

Site Collection or Site Level – Lists and Libraries across sites in a site collection – site level content types are sometimes called Child Site content types

List Content Types

List Level – A specific List or Library on a single siteInheritance

Content Type inheritance is referred to by the use of terms such as Parent and Child. Children inherit the properties of the Parent, but cannot change the Parent properties in turn. Inheritance is one-way only, no matter how many levels you go.

System – all content types inherit from System content type and it is not editable  by users (yay!)

Document Content Types Group – includes all document content types & custom child content types

  1. Document
  2. XSL Style
  3. Picture
  4. Master Page
  5. Basic Page
  6. Web Part Page
  7. From
  8. Link to a Document
  9. Dublin Core Columns (info)

List Content Type Group – includes all list content types & custom child content types

  1. Event
  2. Schedule+Resource
  3. Reservations
  4. Schedule
  5. Issue
  6. Comment
  7. Item
  8. East Asia Contact
  9. Contact
  10. Message
  11. Task
  12. Post
  13. Announcement
  14. Link

Group Work Content Type Group – includes all group work content types & custom child content types

  1. Circulation
  2. Holiday
  3. Word
  4. Official Notice
  5. Phone Call Memo
  6. Resource
  7. Resource Group
  8. Timecard
  9. Users
  10. What’s New Notification

Folder Content Type Group – all folder content types & custom child content types

  1. Discussion
  2. Folder
  3. Summary Task

Other Content Type Groups Include:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Organizer
  • Digital Asset
  • Page Layout
  • Publishing
  • Report Server
  • Special Content Types

How to Create a Custom Site Collection Level Content Type

  1. Go to root site of site collection
  2. Site Actions > Site Settings
  3. Galleries section > Site Content Types
  4. Click on Createimage
  5. Fill in the Name and Description, select Group & Parent Content Type (check the Site Content Type Gallery if you are unsure) – you can add to an existing group, or create a new onw to which your content type will belongimage
  6. Click OK
  7. To add a new column, click on “Add from new site column”
  8. Fill in column settings & click Save

Make a New Content Type Available on a List Or Library

  1. Go to list or library > List/Library Settings
  2. Below the Content Types Section, Click on “Add From Existing Content Types”
  3. Select your content type and add it to “Content Types to Add” boximage
  4. Click OK one the content type appears in the right box
  5. You may have to use the “New” dropdown list in the ribbon to select your custom event content type when adding a new list item image
  6. Change this by making your new Content Type the Default content type on the List Settings page > Content Type Section > “Change new button order and default content type  (or you could just delete the original event if you only want this one available to users) The content type set to number 1 will be the default
  7. Use your new content type!
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