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  1. Sindhu permalink

    Can we show some custom properties created in user profile service , can we link people.aspx to user proifle service custom properties ??

  2. Niraj permalink

    Image does not load for the first time in Office 365. I have to go to ‘My Profile’ and then return back then and only then image get displays. Could you please tell me how could i solve this issue.

    • It likely has to do with:
      1 – syncing of the user accounts
      2 – provisioning of the MySite (did not exist before first visit)

  3. I am able to get custom property values with this, however it is only working for administrator account. For all other users I am getting Unauthorized error.

    Any thoughts?

    • make sure your AD has synced. It may also not work if the user has never gone to thier mysite (this kicks off creation of their site collection I beleive) but I have not tested. My gut would be it is purely an account/syncing issue. Also, I would check the permissions to view account info and the permissions of the account used for profile service.

      If you could post the actual error log information, that would be more specific.

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