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Report Viewer Using Page Viewer Web Part in SharePoint 2010

by on January 14, 2012

Occasionally, you or your client will want the report to render exactly as created, perhaps because you want the parameters to appear at the top, rather that the right column, for example.

To accomplish this, you can simply add a page viewer web part to your page and display your report using the page viewer web part in Web Page mode.

The address should be formatted something like the below,


NOTE: Check the address in your browser on its own first. If it does not there, it will not work in the page viewer, which just renders the content in an iframe!

One Comment
  1. To use the Web Part, you must have installed and configured the Reporting Services Add-in and configured the report server for SharePoint integration. You must also have reports to display in the viewer. You can only open reports that are in a library, a library folder, report history, or a link from a Library Web Part to a Report Viewer Web Part. You cannot open reports that are saved as an attachment to an item in a custom list.

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