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ScriptResource.axd?d <GUID> JavaScript Error in SharePoint 2010 & other script errors

by on January 9, 2012

Figuring out the cause of errors such as the scriptresource.axd and ‘undefined’ errors in SharePoint can be difficult, as it is a very vague error, and really tells you little about the cause. Here are some quick tips for resolution.


  • ‘undefined’ is null or not an object – /ScriptResource.axd?d=<GUID>
  • Object Required (see missing contols)

Some known causes:

Missing Required Controls – In the master page, either commented out or removed items, like a search box, can cause errors. Make sure you are not missing or have not deleted anything – move it to a hidden panel instead.

Controls Commented Out – The .axd error often happens when controls are commented out using <!– code –> tags in the master page. Instead, use visible=”false” on the control or move to a hidden pane (recommended).

AAM – incorrect or incomplete alternate access mapping in Central Administration

TMG – Microsoft Threat Management Gateway configuration can cause issues

Load Balancer – sometimes can be configured improperly:

  1. mansoor permalink

    Thanks for ur info, I got samilar issue,its solved my problem.

  2. Mohammad Aqueel Mirza permalink

    Thanks it solved my problem too, my problem was that my comment box control was not appearing on IE and Chrome browser due to some scripting error. I followed your master page correction and yahoo it worked.

  3. thiyagu permalink

    I had followed the same but getting same issue in ScriptResource.axd

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