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How to Filter Past Calendar Items in a CQWP in SharePoint 2010

by on November 15, 2011

Filtering items in a content query web part (cqwp) in SharePoint can be confusing. There are issues around recurring events, all day events, and it does not appear to be possible to filter by date out of the box.

Quirky, as usual, there are some steps which help you quickly implement filtering without resorting to custom solutions, coding, etc.

Filter Site/Subsites Calendars By Start Date or End Date

  1. Select “show items from following site & all subsites”
  2. Show items from this list type: Calendar
  3. Show items of this content type group: List Content Types
  4. Show items of this content type: Event
  5. Additional Filters: select Start Time or End Time (NOTE: These are only available when you choose site/subsites – not on a list! Very bad functionality miss in my opinion)


End Time

is greater than or equal to



By creating a subsite specifically for the company Calendar, we can use that calendar only, without inheriting any other subsites. However, that functionality is still possible if you want to really leverage the rollup capabilities of SharePoint.

There is still the issue with the recurring events appearing a single time in the list.

  1. Hi Sridhar,Perhaps you can help me with an issue related to calendar recurring events. I’m writing a webpart which runs over a number of calendars and displays current event, (between EventDate and EndDate). My probelm is that in some days there is more than one event, e.g. 9:00-12:00 event 1, 12:00-16:00 event 2 and so on. Someevents are recurring. My application works fine without recurring events, but when recurring events are added, wrong event is displayed. Any idea how toquery a calendar for current eventregardless of its type?

    • This is a known issue – there are some workarounds, but they are big and clunky and require custom development. I have not seen a “simple” solution to this yet – it is one of the major failings of SharePoint 2010, in my opinion. This should be a simple thing, but it is not.

  2. Jon permalink

    Thanks for the tip. Now I just need to make sure nobody adds my new content type somewhere else in the site collection…

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