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How To Create A Custom Search Page in SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites

by on June 30, 2011

There are a few reasons you may want to do this; complete control over search page, want to keep the search box where it is, anonymous access to search results, etc.

Create a search page

  1. Create a new site page called Search (search.aspx) in your Pages library
  2. In the ribbon click on Editing Tools > Insert > Web Part
  3. Under Categories, click on Search
  4. Under Web Parts, click on Search Core Results
  5. Click on Add
  6. Publish and Approve page if necessary

Enable your new search page

  1. Site Actions > site settings
  2. Site Collection Administration > Search Settings
  3. Search settings page
    1. Site collection search center: Do not use custom scopes
    2. Site collection search results page: type in the new page path (ie. /pages/search.aspx)
    3. Click on ok

Test your new search page and customize!

  1. Jake permalink

    Thanks. Your article helped me with creating a custom search results page.

  2. fasih permalink

    Thanks. This is really helpful. here is my question my custom search page not founding any result which was previously showing.


    • Check to make sure the search indexer service is running properly – also, see if you can reach the url from the server the search indexer service is on. The Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) can have an adverse effect on this as well if it does not match up properly. For example, on one installation I could not seem to get it working unless I put the IP address of the server as the default AAM setting (this is not good practice according to Microsoft).

  3. PavanKumar permalink


    While creating a custom search page and given a reference path but the results are not displaying in custom search page. is there any implementation needed further to retrieve the results.

    • This is assuming you already have the search service set up properly and the search indexer has run at least once over the scope you are specifying.

      Of course, nothing will appear if it has not been indexed, so results of newly added content will not appear right away.

  4. DaHey permalink

    Is it possible to do this on a single site as opposed to the entire site collection?

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