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Share a List View Between Sites in SharePoint 2010

by on April 22, 2011

Create a Web Part from a List View

  1. Create your view
  2. Go to SharePoint Designer 2010 and navigate to the list > your view
  3. Click on the XSLTListViewWebPart to highlight it – this will make the List View Tools contextual menu appear in SPD image
  4. In the List View Tools section in the top ribbon, click on the Web Part tab (NOTE: it may take a moment for the section and tabs to appear, usually the view will have to render in SP Designer first)                      image
  5. In the Save Web Part section of the tab, click on “To Site Gallery”image
  6. At this point you can set properties, for example you can change the name if you would like to  NOTE: renaming the web part (especially with special characters) seems to sometimes cause issues. If you are having difficulty, try to create a new web part and do not change any settings until it is working properly in the site where you want it!

  7. Click OK           
  8. In the next popup you MUST click yes – this will allow information to be seen from this site in other sites

Add your new Web Part to a page

  1. Create a page or go to one where you would like to add the web part
  2. Go to the page on the SharePoint Website
  3. Click Page tab > edit
  4. In the section you would like to inset the custom list view web part, click “Add a web part”
  5. In the ribbon, under categories, select Miscellaneous
  6. Under web parts, select you web part (remember what you named it if you changed the name)
  7. If your web part does not appear or you get an error, try again and check the naming as described above

Note: You can also create pages and add web parts through SP Designer!

Warning! If you edit the list or library settings to allow custom content types (Library Settings > Advanced Settings > Content Types > Allow Management of content types? > Yes) , when you add the web part to a page it will break! You will need to remove the webpart for the page to work again. If you can, change the settings back to “No” and add the web part again.

  1. Rich permalink

    Awesome – just what I was looking for!

  2. John permalink

    I thought this was just what I needed… but I cannot proceed past step 2. I created a custom list, then my view, but when I navigate to it in SP Designer I do not see a List View Tools section in my ribbon. All I have is a List section with options to create a new standard view, edit (rename), actions (set as default), or manage (preview in browser, administration web page).

    I’m a total newbie when it comes to SP and this is the first SP site I have ever worked on setting up. Any help would be much appreciated!

  3. if it doesn’t appear you may not have permissions or you may not be using SharePoint 2010.

    Try closing and reopening SP Designer – it is still buggy and sometimes you just need to close it down.

    Also, make sure you actually click on the list view in the Views box. It can take a while to load….be…patient…….

  4. John permalink

    Thanks. I was trying to add a list view web part to a site for a list that I’d created at the Site Collection level. Didn’t realize that wasn’t possible; with the list moved to the same site that I need the view to appear on it works.

  5. Also, you need to click on the XSLTListView web part to get the List View Tools contextual menu to appear. I will add that to my post.

  6. Sally permalink

    Thanks so much this was a wonderful help and saved me from going bald.

    I have just one problem. I also need to create Web Parts from Calendar views and SPD is not behaving the same way when I try to follow the above steps. Is there anything else I should be doing?

    Thanks again

  7. Hi Emerson,

    Thank you for your solution. I followed it but after step 5 I get error and the webpart is not created (error : The Web Part catalog for this site was not available, or the request was interrupted.Try saving the Web Part again.)
    Do I need to change any settings to be able to add a web part?

    • What license are you using? Enterprise, Standard, Foundation? What type of site template did you use to create your site? Where is the site you are using to create the webpart located in the SP Hierarchy? Are you using a list or library? is it an out of the box list/library? is it customized? Is it a custom content type? As you can see, there could be many places the issue is stemming from. Have you checked the SP logs for additional information?

      If you are using something highly customized this may not work. Try doing it using a basic list and see if you get the same issue.

      • Hi again,

        no this is a basic list(a contact list in main site) and I am trying to display it in subsite us. I will send more info to you as I just started using SP in our company.

  8. I confirmed it is Enterprise license and I have one main site and one subsite(a group work site). I am using a simple contact list in main site and trying to pull data from it into subsite.No customization.I have not checked the logs as I am completely new in using SP designer(how can I check that?).So it is basic.

  9. Try making the site a trusted site on your browser.

    Also, make sure you are using the default url mapping for the site when accessing – I have seen this cause issues, particularly in SharePoint Designer.

  10. Hi Emerson. This was great information, you saved me a lot of time & energy. Thank you very much, worked just like you said it would.

  11. Eric permalink

    Works great!!!! Thank you for posting.

  12. Ashish Joshi permalink

    Hello thanks for this blog but I have one problem. When I am trying to import my webpart from on page then it is giving error “Value is out of range in it”..Anyone have idea how can i solve this.

    • I am not sure what exactly you are doing…

      Where are you in the process when you get this error? in SPD or the web front end? What list are you trying to access? Where from? What version of SharePoint?

      Please provide more details, thank you for your interest.

  13. Amanda Darling permalink

    Hi, I don’t get the pop up window on step 8. It does save to the web part gallery however when I apply the webpart I get the “list doen’t exist” error. Is there something else I need to do to get the webpart to work on another site?

  14. You must click yes in the popup to get the information from one site to appear on another. Do you have foundation? not sure if that could be an issue.

    I would try it again and see if you get the popup or not.

    Also, does this work ok on the same site to begin with?

  15. Pierre-Alain Galtier permalink


    It’s a very interresting article but I’m facing the same problem (List does not exist).
    My source list is base on a contact one where I added a lookup column to a company list.
    maybe, it is because, data are shared between the two list that I cannot add it as web part to a subsite.

    What could I do ?


    • emersonbruce permalink

      I suspect your issue is connected to the linked list. Are you able to get this working on a non-linked list?

  16. Pierre-Alain Galtier permalink

    Ok, seems to be because I renamed the webpart 😦
    Thank you

  17. Not a problem! Thanks for posting your solution!

  18. dmgorman permalink

    Works very well thanks!

  19. This tip is bad to the bone! Thx Emerson! I’ll second (or third…) the tip to NOT rename the webpart. I did at first because I didn’t want lose track of it with its common name. To overcome this I added a description of the webpart that shows up in the “add webpart” picker.

  20. Do have you to be a site collection administrator to save the web part?


  21. Jared permalink

    Hi Emmerson!

    Thanks so much for this easy solution to cross-site lists. When I follow the steps, I’m able to successfully insert the webpart into other sites, but when I try and click into the list (i.e. into a folder from a Doc library) I get the following error:

    “Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists, contact your Web server administrator.

    Correlation ID:6aef1ea8-086e-4501-b416-9cbc260cf14e”

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • track down the ID in your SharePoint error logs. You can find where they are writing to and if they are writing at all in central administration. SharePoint public facing errors are often vague.

      If you have SP o365 (online) you cannot see the error logs and will have to open a ticket with Microsoft for their help desk to look into it.

  22. I have tried this, and while I can get the list to show up, I cannot get three unique views of the list. When I save the Web Part to the Site Gallery, SharePoint-Designer proposes the List name (“Resources”) instead of the List View name (“Resources-Owners”). The first time I saved it, I renamed the List name and gave it the List View name. That allowed me to create three Web Parts. However, upon viewing them the lists looked identical: The same “Resources” list in all three instances, no unique views. Then, following the instructions above more carefully, I retained the name that SharePoint Designer proposed, “Resources,” but saving the second and third views with that name merely overwrote the first view I saved. Still, I only saw the full list, and in no instance a specific view of that list.

    I am trying to accomplish this in SharePoint Online. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

    Thanks much! – tom

  23. if renaming, try avoiding special characters and do it at the first step. For example, use “ResourcesView1” “ResourcesView2” – SharePoint often has odd issues with characters long been considered common such as -_+ as well as &%# and spaces.

  24. rony permalink


    I have used the same solution for a similar requirement for the shared documents library. However it throws an error when I try to open the folders within the library. Please suggest.


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