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Send Email to a Contact Group Without Showing Addresses

by on January 3, 2011

You can set up Outlook (or any other mail client) to allow you to send to undisclosed recipients using a dummy contact in the “to” field that sends to your own email, with the recipients in the “BCC” field (all emails in the bcc field are deleted when mail is sent, so only the recipient knows).

1) Create a contact called “Undisclosed Recipients” with the email being something like “

2) Create email (you may want to save the email as a “signature” if you plan on reusing the basic format in the future – then it is just a click away)

3) In the “To” field select your Undisclosed Recipient as a contact (should autofill as you type if you have set up your contact correctly)

4) Click on the “To” or “CC” button

5) Your address book will pop up

6) Click in the “BCC” box – any addresses here will not be shown to other recipients. You can now:

a. Select a contact group

b. Type anything into the bcc box and hit enter – when back at your email, you will now see the BCC textbox and can add email addresses as normal.

7) Send message. Any addresses in the BCC box will be visible only to the person with that address.


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