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Revert DNN 5 to the FCK Editor

by on September 23, 2010

Despite it’s unfortunate name, the FCK editor allows dynamic css display, template creation, font, style dropdown, and color palette customizations, and other great features – if you know how to use them ^_^

For those of use who rely on them to keep our clients from turning their sites into multicolored rainbows of crazy fonts, colors, sizes, and still give the complex functionality of html templates, changing to the Telerik editor may not be an option. Especially when the administrators know how to use one and not the other.

Telerik offers a lot off bells and whistles, but having to click a button to scroll through 200 images, rather that using a normal scrollbar is annoying. There is also an issue with trying to edit the settings of an image which requires you to relink to the image every time you want to change alignment or borders when you click on the image button instead of right clicking!

Luckily, reverting to the good old FCK editor is not a problem.

Enable the FCK Editor in DNN 5

Simply change the following in the web.config file in the root DNN folder in the file system:

<htmlEditor defaultProvider=”TelerikEditorProvider“>


<htmlEditor defaultProvider=”FckHtmlEditorProvider“>


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  1. Hi,

    First of all, a disclaimer – I work for Telerik 🙂 I was wondering if you have submitted your issues/problems with the RadEditor to the DNN forums and what their response was? You can also submit the issues (especially the image re-linking one) to our client service e-mail (clientservice at

    We still offer a separate HTML editor provider (RadEditorProvider) for DNN, which has been available since DNN 2. If you have a Telerik account, you can download it and give it a try. Although the underlying RadEditor control in both the DNN TelerikEditorProvider and our RadEditorProvider is the same, there are still some differences relating to adding portal links, browsing portal files, etc.

  2. Telerik controls can be very pretty, with lots of bells and whistles that sound great, but the functionality and ease of use doesn’t pan out. If it ever fixes the functionality issues we may use it. Someday. Today is not that day.

    Frankly, if I have to fight with the functionality of the editor, the normal users have 10 times as much trouble. The learning curve for non-technicals is very high (I am talking those who do not know how to use the flywheel on the mouse – if you are asking “what is a flywheel”, this is you). Trying to get clients to relearn a new editor, when we are already upgrading the DNN site can be very painful – not to mention they may not want to pay for it!

    We work with many areas; the medical industry, colleges, real estate, machining, towns and cities, law firms, and more. They all have varying degrees of tech savvy. What they don’t have is time.

    I myself, do not have time to test the GUI for a company who is not paying me for it – so people with the free time and inclination will have to fill that role. If those are the people relied upon for quality control, I doubt they do much in the way of actually using it in a working environment. Kind of like the guy who sits on his front porch and yells at people who drive too fast or roll balls into his yard.

    Plus, with the FCK Editor, there are all the custom fonts and sizes, pulling in dynamic styles, content templates, custom style dropdowns, and other great tools we often highly customize to the clients needs. Need a Biography template – we can do that! Custom colors in the color picker – no problem!

    And it all works the way you are used to!

  3. Natalie permalink

    Thank you for this, the Telerick image manager in my DNN5 site just stopped working, no new modules no strange changing of code, just stopped. I have been searching for an answer to the problem for hours and then came across this, easy fix. One thing I did find in all the searching is that there are LOADS of people with the same problem with all the options being greyed out in the manager.

    BTW for anyone as new as me and would normally have to search for where this goes, make the change in the web.config. Hope you didnt mind me adding that it just isnt obvious to all of us.

    Thanks again

  4. Rich permalink

    Same problem here.. it just stopped working altogether. Big blank white nothing. Im so glad I found this post! So long no worky Telerik! Back to what works.

  5. Steve Le'Mon permalink

    Hi Emerson

    I’m not a newbie or somebody scared of change, or new ways of working. But when it comes to the Telerik RadEditor control in DNN 5.6.1 I’m with you 100%.

    My website running DNN 4.9.5 crashed during an upgrade and I lost the whole site. I decided to rebuild the site with DNN 5.6.1 and I cannot believe how difficult it is to do such a simple thing. This editor is feature rich but usability poor.

    I was so frustrated with the editor I posted the following on the DNN forums, but having found your page I now have my answer and will be downgrading for a better experience.

    Back in January I was using DNN 4.9.5. When I placed a photo into a html module whilst using the images properties dialog box I could not only select the image, but I could also make a hyperlink allowing the image to be shown at larger size in a new window when clicked.

    Pretty basic stuff. Now fast forward to today. I have a brand new install of DNN 5.6.1 and I’m trying to do the same thing and failing miserably. The image toolbar button no longer has the secondary tab where you could enter the hyperlink information!!!

    Ok, that’s progress… Let’s move with the times. So I assumed that the image button does images and hyperlink button does hyperlinks and never the twain shall meet.

    So, I highlighted my embedded image and clicked the hyperlink button hoping that I could then record the hyperlink instructions. But no, the hyperlink manager does not allow you to browse to images, only documents, and in this new version of the editor an image is not a document.

    If I’m doing something wrong please put me out of my misery. This should be pretty basic stuff, so why is it so much more difficult since the days of DNN 4.9.5. I’ve wasted a stupied amount of time on this and I can’t belive it should be this difficult… it never used to be!


  6. Telerik Editor adds a line between every paragraph on every save. Very frustrating. Worse your instructions above do not work in DNN5.5 so I’m feeling a little stuck.

  7. That is because the FCK editor is no longer included, I beleive (horrible move in my opinion).

    You will have to check the files and see if it is there. If it is not, you will need to install it.

  8. M Ruth permalink

    I switch to telerik because I have been wanting to use the image map editor and really like how simple that was. But I have encountered issues more important that forced me to revert back based on your post. Do you know if the original editor does image mapping?

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