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Create a New Web Application in SharePoint 2010

by on August 19, 2010

NOTE: Once you create a Web Application through SharePoint, site settings for the IIS site created for the application can be edited in IIS.

Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Web Applications

In the ribbon, click on New

Authentication: Claims Based or Classic Mode

IIS Web Site: Create a new IIS web site (this makes add new sites, moving sites to another server, etc. much simpler). Type Name into textbox (ex. MyWebApp). When using a Host Header, be sure the DNS entry has been created properly and is pointing to the correct SharePoint server.

Security Configuration: Authentication (Kerberos or NTLM), Anonymous Access, SSL

Public URL: by default set to http://Server:Port/, if you add a Host Header in IIS Web Site, it will be set to

Application Pool: Create a new application pool (to better manage the application) and name appropriately, select security account for app pool (you can Register a new managed account for this app pool if you would like, right click on the link and open in new window if you do not want to leave page). Application Pool will automatically be named SharePoint – or SharePoint – Server+Port

Database Name & Authentication: Normally default settings are used – you may choose to change the Database Name to something more identifiable, but I would recommend leaving the GUID (the long number on the end), to avoid possible naming conflicts, and replacing the beginning (WSS_Content_) with something like “SiteNameSP_Content_”. Err on the side of caution if you are unsure and do not change this. Select Windows or SQL authentication (Windows is the most common).

Failover Server: set mirror server in case of technical connection issues

Search Server: There may be no options here – It will simply say “SharePoint Search Server”

Service Application Connections: Leave default unless you know otherwise

Customer Experience Improvement: Leave set to No unless you are sure you want to use this feature

Click OK


Fun Fact

Did you notice that some of the default naming includes “WSS”? This refers to the last iteration of SharePoint Foundation, Windows SharePoint Services in SharePoint 2007. Guess the programmers didn’t have time to clean up everything! ^_^

  1. Prakash permalink

    when creatign a new web application, does it create a new content db or does it just create a new iis site?

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