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Create a New Site Collection in SharePoint 2010

by on August 19, 2010

Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Create site collections

Web Applications: click on the arrow button and select “Change web application” if you want to use a different web application (See Create a New Web Application in SharePoint 2010) you should have the default site collection as well as any additional Web Applications that have been created. Select appropriate application or leave default. Consider creating additional Web Applications for important SharePoint site collections.

Url: leave this as “/” so there is a shorter address. Alternatively you could use “sites” or create a new managed path.

Template Selection: If unsure, you may consider selecting Blank Site.

Primary and Secondary Site Collection Administrator: You cannot add more than one to these roles.Type in user name or full name and hit the check button – if the user exists the name will be converted. You can also use the book icon to lookup users. Most likely you will be adding yourself in one of these textboxes.

Quota Template: Leave this “No Quota” set the auto-created “Personal Site” size of 100MB, or create a custom Quota Template.

Click OK

One Comment
  1. Maurice Keeley permalink

    Thanks for this post and the one for Creating a New Web Application.
    It was very helpfull.

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