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How to Add a New Metadata List in SharePoint 2010

by on August 17, 2010

Metadata Lists are technically known as Managed Metadata Servies which have a Term Store (the root level of the Terms hierarchy).

To add a new Managed Metadata Service to SharePoint 2010

  • Central Administration > Application Management section > Manage Service Applications

You should see:

Managed Metadata Service | Managed Metadata Service | Started

Managed Metadata Service | Managed Metadata Service Connection | Started


The service syncs content types across site collections, and can publish and consume keywords from other metadata instances, even from other SharePoint farms.

You can create a new MMS which can use any site collection as its content type hub for syndication (the owner of the of the MMS service must have permissions to the site collection, the site collection hosting the hub does not need to reside in the local web app with which the MMS is associated). Syndication is actually a pull technology, consuming sites pulled from the hub. In this case, “syndication” and “publish” are often interchanged when speaking of MMS.

  • Service Application tab > New > Managed Metadata Service

Note: If you have access to this page, but New is greyed out, you will need to have someone add you as an administrator to the Server on which the SharePoint Application is located

  • Name > name appropriately (ex: HRDepartment)
  • Database Name > name appropriately (ex: HRDepartmentDB)
  • Application pool > you can select the SharePoint Administrator app pool, or create a new app pool named appropriately (ex:HRDepartmentAppPool )
  • Click OK
  • You should now see your Managed Metadata Service listed by name on the Service Applications page
  • Click on the link for your new Managed Metadata Service
  • Hover over service name, click on name/arrow > select “New Group”
  • Type in the Terms Group name (ex: Position) , click enter

To edit metadata Group description, etc, click on Group and edit in the Properties pane >Click on save

To add term sets to the group, hover over group, click on term set > type term set name > hit enter

To add a term to the term set, hover over term set > Type term name > hit enter

  1. I am trying to see about versioning in metadata term stores, Do you think there’s an out of the box doo-dad like versioning in document libraries? does the term store itself live in a list or library that versioning can be configured and enabled in? will it be neccessary to build a custom timer job or workflow to manage versioning of term stores?

    • You can easily promote, merge, alias, and deprecate terms in a store. I am not sure why you would need versioning, but I do not beleive it’s available. While some merging, etc. is not undoable (it’s a word! I swear!) most things are easily reversible.

      The terms store is part of SharePoint Services, and built into SharePoint itself. I do not believe you can access it as a list on a site. But I could be wrong! Let me know if you come up with a solution!

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