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About SharePoint 2010 Taxonomies and Terms

by on August 17, 2010

Term Group: You can import a term set into a term group from a .csv file.

Term Sets: You can also copy, reuse, move, or delete term sets.

Terms: You can copy, copy terms with children, reuse, merge, deprecate, move, and delete terms.

-You “reuse” a term on a term set that does not yet have the term you want.

-Terms are linked when a parent Term Set or Group has been copied or a term has been reused.

-Terms are not linked when they have been copied individually or created and named alike.

-Deleting a term deletes only that occurrence of that term.

-Deprecating a term deprecates all linked occurrences of that term.

-Renaming a term renames all linked occurrences of that term.

-Term Groups can have Managers & Contributers.

-Term sets can be set to open or closed, to allow tagging or not, can have an contact email set for suggestions, and stakeholders set for major change notifications.

-Terms can be individually set to allow tagging, have synonyms or abbreviations & be multilingual.

-You can change the Terms source location term set.

-Orphaned Terms can be found under the System group and should have a new source term assigned.

-You cannot reuse deprecated terms.

-Merging terms is irreversible and collapses both synonyms & multilingual translations.

  1. gary permalink

    Thanks for the summary!

  2. MichaelL permalink

    Have you personally tested the moving of Terms? I don’t think it works…

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