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Submit an InfoPath Form to a SharePoint List From Offline

by on August 11, 2010

Note: this will only work for users who have access to the published location of the file

File tab > New > SharePoint List form template

Enter your SharePoint Site for publishing > Next

Create a new SharePoint List > fill in list name > Next > Finish

Note: This will actually create an SP list on the site – you may want to go to the site and remove it from the menu (go to list in SharePoint > List tab > List Settings > General Settings > Title, description, & navigation > Display this list on the Quick Launch > select No)

Create form (don’t forget a submit button)

Rename fields in SharePoint or InfoPath

  • SharePoint: List tab > list settings > columns > click on column name > Type in new name and click “OK”
  • InfoPath: Select the field by double-clicking on it, this will open the Properties tab > Name > Type in new name for the field > click off the textbox > the name in the Fields pane on the right should have changed > click the quick publish button on the very top of the InfoPath window > click on “open sharepoint list in browser” in the popup to see changes in effect

Publish form

open .xsn file and fill it out – will publish to SharePoint list created earlier

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