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Send InfoPath 2010 Form In Email

by on August 11, 2010

Create a new Email form (don’t forget to add a “submit” button)

Click on Data tab > Submit Form Section > Submit Options

Enable “allow all users to submit this form

Send Data to a single destination dropdown > email

Click “Add” button (create new data connection)

Enter email information, in particular, you may want to use the “fx” button and select concat to insert dates and other form information into the subject line


Send the form data as an attachment (you may want to rename form, you can also use the concat function to insert date, etc.)

check off “attach the form template to ensure that users can open the form”



File tab > Publish > Publish form to a list of email recipients

Fill in emails or group > send


From → InfoPath, Outlook

  1. Is there a way to make a part of the form read-only when the user fills it out originally and then after it has been submitted via email – make the part that the user filled out read only and make the part on the original form that was read only, now allow that to be editted?
    Example: I have a form that is for vacation request – I want the person who is requesting vacation to fill out a couple of fields such as: date and number of hours – I then want them to click on a submit button which will email this form to their supervisor – then want the supervisor to not be able to change the info the person filled in, but want the supervisor to be able to check an approved / not approved check box and then forward form on to HR.


    • This would probably involve creating a number of views, user roles, form load rules, etc.

      You will probably want to buy an advanced InfoPath book as a reference if you are getting this complex.

  2. rashmi permalink

    does the recipient need to hae infopath installed too ?
    what happens if he doesnt have it.?

  3. InfoPath has two main peices – InfoPath Designer, used to create forms, and InfoPath Filler, used to fill out forms. InfoPath Filler is similar to Adobe Reader in functionality. It does not have the edit tools but it can access and interact with the form. InfoPath Filler is supposed to be released at some point as a free application. I am not sure if it is yet available for free.

    If you are using an infopath form that is on sharepoint with infopath services enabled (enterprise feature) the users would access the form through sharepoint and would not need InfoPath Filler. If the form is not using SharePoint with InfoPath Services enabled, then yes, the user would need InfoPath Filler on their machine, much as you need Adobe Reader to read Adobe .PDF files.

  4. Justin Alexander permalink

    I need to submit the form to 4 people and i want them all in the TO or CC field. i can add 1 address to each field any way of adding more then 1 address to this fields?

  5. Very helpfull. Thanks Emerson!

  6. After workflow process I need to send email with a link to the list view link id associated with a specific task. I want to know how do add link and recepeints by browsing Active directory.

  7. brian permalink

    Thanks for the help with submitting as email. Do you know how I would have the form submitted as email (as above) AND have it post in the sharepoint library I have created?

    • brian permalink

      to be more specific… I want the form to post into the sharepoint library but i also want to alert an email distribution list that the form has been sumbitted.

      • Chris permalink

        You can set the SharePoint library to notify a list of users whenever a file is added to that library.

      • Exactly – always make sure you know what is available OOTB in SharePoint before trying to recreate the wheel!

  8. Chintan Desai permalink

    I need some clarification – Does this functionality email the Form to “SharePoint Users” as an email attachment. “Users” will open the form->Fill the details->Click on Submit button->Now what?

    Form will seat on SharePoint library or Form will get email to “To”,”Cc” recipient?

    Pls. clarifiy.

  9. JayDee permalink


    I am looking for a tip how to add the selection I’ve made to be automaticly taken over in the e-mail subject when sending the document.

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