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Outlook 2010 & SharePoint 2010 Integration

by on August 4, 2010

Outlook 2007 with SP 2010 – nearly identical to using Outlook 2010

Outlook 2003 with SP 2010 – cannot connect to document libraries, cannot overlay calendars, one way synchronization in calendar and contacts (sharepoint -> outlook)

Linking SPF 2010 document libraries to Outlook 2010

  • Take files offline to work with them in Outlook
  • Use Outlook’s built in viewer to see in documents (for supported formats)

Note: Functionality available in 2007 but not 2003

How to link to a document library:
  1. Open Document Library you want to connect to in SharePoint 2010
  2. Click on the ribbons “Library” tab
  3. Connect & Export section > Click Connect to Outlook icon (labels may be hidden by screen size/resolution)
  4. Popup window > Click Allow (to allow Outlook to be used)
  5. Popup window > Click Allow (to allow transfer of content-may not appear)
  6. Outlook 2010 will open and popup asks if we want to connect > Click Advanced
  7. Change name and description of document library if desired > Click OK
  8. Click Yes
  9. Verify access by logging into SharePoint from Outlook
  10. View documents in library in Outlook
How to delete a connection to a document library
  1. In Outlook 2010, scroll down left column to SP lists
  2. Select name of linked library you want to remove
  3. Right click > Delete Folder >ok (go ahead, click it! Don’t be scared!)
  4. Library is removed from Outlook Account

Linking SPF 2010 Calendars to Outlook 2010

  • Snynchronization is two-way – so you can add a new item to a SP calendar in Outlook. Make sure you have only the SP calendar visible so it is on the correct calendar. Note: Synchronization occurs at a specified interval – you may need to refresh the calendar page to see it.
  • Overlaying multiple SP calendars is a good way to keep track of SP groups when you are involved in many different projects or areas of operations.
Link to SP calendar
  1. Go to a Calendar List in SP 2010 > Calendar Tab
  2. Select “Connect to Outlook”
  3. Ok
  4. Advanced > name & description > ok
  5. Yes
  6. Connect to site with password if needed
  7. You have a link to SP calendar in the new Other Calendars section – Outlook will display the new calendar by default, so you will see two side-by-side calendars.
Overlay calendars in Outlook
  1. At the top of the SP calendar in Outlook, Click on the left-facing arrow
  2. You will now see the overlay view
  3. Click on the right arrow on the SP calendar tab to undo
  4. Click on the checkboxes in the left column to hide and show specified calendars & calendar groups

Note: on the right of the ribbon is “Calendars Overlay” – you can overlay SP Calendars. In Outlook you can overlay SP and Outlook Calendars.

Linking SPF 2010 Contacts to Outlook 2010

Create a new contacts list
  1. Site Actions > More Options > Contacts
  2. Call it MySPContacts and select Create
  3. Add some new names with AddNewItem
Connect new contact list to Outlook
  1. List Tab > Connect to Outlook
  2. Go through the verification logins and name/description process
  3. Outlook menu > view > change view > list
Contacts Features in sp 2010

Note: views are individual to contact list – contacts cannot be an overlay like outlook and sp calendars

Share Outlook Task list pulled in from SP

Tasks list > Highlight list > Folder tab > share tasks > send email to task list

Overlay SP Calendars

  1. Calendar page > calendar tab > Click on Calendars Overlay
  2. Click on New Calendar
  3. Type in name & click on resolve
  4. Select color for overlay
  5. Select calendar on SP calendar you want to overlay
  6. Select calendar list view you want to overlay
  7. Click OK

Overlay Personal Outlook Calendars in SP

1. Calendar page > calendar tab > Click on Calendars Overlay

2. Click on New Calendar

3. Type in name and click on Exchange radio button

4. Click on Find

Note: This should work automatically – users must have corresponding Exchange email in SP Profile – ensure that profiles are in sync with Active Directory and exchange for email – This will get the current users email from the profile information and use that to pull in correct Exchange calendar(s) – doesn’t work with outlook 2010 – needs service pack 1 – or may need ssl applied appropriately

5. Outlook Web Access URL & Exchange Web Service URL should appear

6. Click OK

Create an alert or subscribe to RSS feed – up to date changes  on documents, lists, list items, etc.

Create an alert

1. Click on list, item, etc. you want to get alerts for

2. Click on Tools tab > Items > Alert me > manage my alerts

3. Click on radio button next to selected list

4. Fill in alert specifications

Note: In particular, you may want to consider whether to send an alert immediately, daily, or weekly

5. Click ok

6. You can add as many alerts as you want

Note: You can also go to Tools > List > set an alert on this list. You will get a popup dialog rather than be sent to a different page.

Subscribe to rss feed
  1. Navigate to the list or library or view  you want to set up feed for
  2. Click on feed button in ribbon
  3. Click on subscribe to feed link
  4. Synchronize Outlook and Common Feeds list in Windows
      1. Outlook > File > Options > Advanced
      2. RSS Feeds section > Check off “Synchronize RSS feeds to the Common Feeds List (CFL) in Windows”
      3. Click ok
  5. Close and reopen Outlook; feed should now appear in RSS Feeds in left column

Note: for a view feed, click on View > Modify this view > Feed button

Outlook Web parts

They don’t appear to work properly with 2010, supposedly works fine with 2007

Outlook Social Connector

linked-in does not work with 64 bit yet

  1. May need to download social connector and add-ins
  2. Outlook > Expand people information pane
  3. Select a user and click on “+Add”
  4. Click on the SP My Site checkbox
  5. Fill in url, username and password (and information for any other social add-ins)
  6. Restart outlook
  7. Should be a folder called News Feed (I do not get one, get email)

Meeting workspaces

Note: When you get a reminder for a meeting with a workspace, there is a dropdown list on the reminder called “Meeting Services” with the option to “View meeting workspace”. Clicking on the option opens a new tab/page in your browser to the  associated workspace!

Add a meeting workspace button to the quick access toolbar in Outlook 2010
  1. Go to an outlook calendar
  2. Click on any meeting
  3. In quick access toolbar(top toolbar), click on the arrow > select “More Commands”
  4. Click on Meeting Workspace in the left box and click on the add button
  5. Click ok
Add meeting workspace button to the ribbon in Outlook 2010
  1. Right click on ribbon menu
  2. Click on “Customize the ribbon”
  3. With Appointment highlighted, click on the “new group” button below the right list box
  4. With the “New Group (Custom)” group highlighted in the right box, click on the Meeting Workspace item in the left box to select > click on the add button
  5. Right click on the New Group item in the left box and click on “rename” > name it SharePoint or anything else you wish
  6. Click on OK
Create a meeting workspace from Outlook
  1. Create a new upcoming meeting called “test sharepoint workspace”
  2. Click on “Invite Attendees” and add one attendee
  3. The “Meeting Workspace” buttons will no longer be greyed out (the workspace buttons will not be available – will be grayed out – until attendees are added)
  4. Click on the Meeting Workspace button
  5. You can click on create to make a default workspace or
  6. In the Meeting Workspace pane, click on “change settings”
      1. Location: Select other, type in SP web address in popup box Ex. http://dev-sp2010/sites/ebruce
      2. Select a workspace
          1. New workspace
              1. Select language
              2. Select template
              3. Click ok
          2. Existing workspace
              1. Select desired workspace from dropdownlist
              2. The dropdown list will be populated from the SP site you specify
              3. Click ok
              4. Click on Link
              5. The meeting workspace and link now appear in the content of the meeting invitation > click on send
Remove a meeting workspace from Outlook
  1. Open meeting
  2. In workspace pane > click on the “Remove” button

Participate in Discussions in outlook

RSS Feed

Just like any RSS feed – updates you


Receive email alerts on specified items

Connect to outlook

shows up in SharePoint Lists folder in Outlook – View and work with content of discussion board

Create a new topic
  1. Click on SharePoint Lists > select your list
  2. Click on Today (just to make sure you are at the root level of the list)
  3. In the upper left, click on New Post or right click on center posting list pane and click on New Post at the top of the menu
Post a reply
  1. In Outlook > SharePoint Lists > click on discussion
  2. View posts and responses in the email list and preview pane
  3. Double click on a post
  4. Click on Post Reply in the ribbon
  5. Type your reply and click on Post ( you may want  to delete quoted text)
Reply via email rather than post
  1. Click on the Reply button rather than Post Reply – this sends an email only to the poster, does not post to the board
  2. Drag an email item to start a new topic in a discussion list
  3. Use proofing tools (spelling, grammar, thesaurus)
  1. Dear Emerson you have setup a nice SP2010 quick reference. Thank you for that.
    Question about sync outlook with SP group calendar.

    In the SP group calender I added all college s stored in out active directory. I however cannot sync between the group calendar in SP and outlook.
    Do I have to give some permissions in Outlook (I can image that this is needed)
    An where can I do this.

  2. James permalink

    Thanks for the post – I was wondering if its possible to link a persoanl calendar to the global sharepoint calendar. I want to set it up so my team have their individual local outlook calendars and when they add an apointment to that it automatically sends the appointment to Sharepoint. Possible?

    • Yes, in fact, that was what I was attempting to do when I started this.

      See the section above called “Overlay Personal Outlook Calendars in SP”.

  3. Ian permalink

    Is it possible to link a personal calendar (office 2003 and some will be using 2007) to a global sharepoint calendar in a Windows Sharepoint Services 3 site? or can it only be done in Sharepoint Foundation with Office 2010?

    • Which version of sharepoint are you using? 2010 or 2007? In 2010 WSS is now SharePoint Foundation. This integration information refers only to 2010.

      Very little of the integration (if any, from what I understand) exists in Outlook 2003. Outlook 2007, however, has almost all the features. (I have tried to note in the document above where there are exceptions, but you may need to expiriment – please post any results! I would love to hear them!)

      Do you want to pull the calendar into SP for each individual user? Or do you want to pull a group SP calendar into the individual user’s Outlook calendar? Do you want users to share personal Outlook calendars?

      For some of this functionality, Active Directory may be required, though we already had our AD guru set it up, so I am not positive what constraints you would run into without it!

  4. I’d like to say thanks for the efforts you have made in writing this article. You have been enlightening for me. I have passed this on to one of my friends.

  5. I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

  6. Vandana permalink

    Is this possible to create a email tempalte in Outlook 2007/2010 and populate the same or rather the data from SharePoint 2010 web page. Please explain in detail if this possible.

    • This sounds more like a workflow you would set up within SharePoint itself.

      If you use SharePoint designer (and maybe a couple of lookup fields) you should be able to create an email workflow that does what you want.

      If this doesn’t help, can you be more specific about what exactly you are trying to accomplish?

      • Vandana permalink

        I want the whole page content of sharepoint 2010 page to be exported to outlook 2007/2010 on demand.


      • That might be overkill, but I would look at creating a button that will email the content of a div, etc., via javascript to an email entered into a field. We have implemented this for a couple different clients.

        This would be mailed from the site itself.

        Is this the kind of thing you were thinking of?

  7. invi permalink

    Is it Possible to Configure inbox in Sharepoint Library??

    • Not sure waht you are asking? You can create a “drop off library” – that may do what you are looking for. Then you just create routing rules.

  8. Mihir permalink

    Is it possible to hide content of the calender to selected users only in 2010, still they can see free/busy info.

  9. George permalink

    so Outlook and SP are connected. specifically MySite Personal Documents. What is the easiest way to get folders and emails from Outlook to SP? many users have PSTs in personal files, but that still slows Outlook down and is a pain for backups. we’d like to move these PSTs to each users’ Mysite Personal Documents library. Thanks.

  10. Sid permalink


    Why cant we create a meeting to invite atendees in a calendar list? Is this only possible if we create a meeting workspace for the meeting?

  11. Martin Maissen permalink

    Is it possible to synch only a view from a contact lsit to Oulook?

    in the Oulook should then be only the contacts from the view not all contacts

    Thanks for your answer


  12. Alan permalink

    Is it possible to show out-of-office messages/calendar appointments (maybe for the next 8 hours) on a SharePoint page? This is similar to what OCS/Lync is doing but it would be nice to have this on our corporate directory listing.

  13. Eric permalink

    What about enabling a Discussion Board list for incoming email? Can a user set the email up in some way to post to a particular thread topic in a discussion board list, rather than posting a new topic?

  14. arma heckle permalink


    Took me an hour to find the solution to removing a Sharepoint login prompt from Outlook 2010.

    Your post was the only one that hinted at the login being related to the pst folder trying to sync with the remote server, although that wasn’t clear in the explanation.

    Thank you.

    • To Remove a calendar/list from Outlook which is causing errors and/or popups

      Outlook > Main menu “File” tab > Account Settings button in center panel
      Dropdown > Account Settings
      “SharePoint Lists” tab > Click to select item for which you are getting an error
      Click Remove


  15. Hi

    Thanks for providing such a nice article.

    I am using SharePoint 2010 with Outlook 2007.

    I have Calendar overlay list that consists calendar views of 3 custom lists. I have a user with read permission who can create his personal view. When this user tried to connect this overlay with his Outlook (2007/Version 12), It is allowing him to connect. but he is not able to see any data. It is showing the blank calendar in the outlook. Please advise.

    Thank you..

    • Does this work in Outlook 2010? I would check if it is the version of Outlook first, then troubleshoot from there. Not everything is 100% backward compatible with 2007.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t have Outlook 2010. so I haven’t tested it with Outlook 2010. I would really appreciate any help on this….

        Thank you again….

  16. Mark permalink


    You’ve got some really great info on this site. Couple of follow up questions in linking Outlook to Sharepoint

    1) Linking doc libraries to Outlook is cool however… If I delete the doc library in Sharepoint the content persists in Outlook until I delete the Sharepoint library in Outlook. This is not so good

    2) Is it easy to automate Outlook to Sharepoint connections so that we could include it in a login script or integrate it into a group policy. This might solve problem 1)



  17. Chris permalink

    We have an existing sharepoint meeting workspace, when I go in to link the calendar event in outlook 2010 to that workspace I type in the address of our sharepoint server and it finds the server but doesnt find any workspaces even though we do have a decision meeting workspace setup on the site. Any ideas?


    • are you sure you are looking on the same site collection – a SharePoint application can be split up into multiple site collections. This can be confusing for users, but the purpose is to manage the size and security of the database associated with that portion of the application. For example, Human Resources may be split off for both security reasons, and for database volume issues.

  18. How do I make the Connect to Outlook and the Export to Excel option available to users? What specific permission do they need if I don’t want to give full permission?

  19. For export to excel, I think you need full control (or at least edit rights) for the list/library. I would just create a demo user and try out specific settings.

    For connect to Outlook…Hmm, have to look into that, but I suspect it is the same.

    Also, it may be a missing add-on for IE – try:
    IE Menu > Tools > Under Microsoft Corporation see if “SharePoint Stssync Handler” is add-on listed

    If not, click “find more toolbars and extensions” > search for it > enable it.

  20. Paul permalink

    Is there a way to display in Outlook (2007) only a specifed view of a SharePoint 2010 calendar via “Connect with Outlook”?

  21. Beth permalink

    Can I copy an email within Outlook and paste it into the SP folder (connected to the doc library) so it shows up within SharePoint?

  22. Wow, awesome post Emerson.
    I will definitely pass it on to our technical staff.
    They will hopefully interact with you if they encounter any problems.

  23. Traute permalink

    Have you ever created a Discussion Board in SP2010 with some simple MetaData fields. Like Status, Farm Type, Ticket Number? Then linked this discussion board with MS Outlook 2010 and used a custom Outlook Form that matches the MetaData that matches what you programmed in SP? Im struggling with this. Infopath forms are not an option when using the Discussion List.

    • Discussion boards are a funny animal in the sharepoint world, and customizing them is difficult if not impossible. This seems to mostly have to do with the fact that the discussion content type is very complex and has subcontent. I try not do modify it if possible. You may just want a link column to the associated discussion in a master list.

  24. kat permalink

    Outlook 2007 and Sharepoint 2007 — but I can use SP2010 (just haven’t yet). I have connected SharePoint calendars on Outlook and on Outlook, I see the basic calendar view. On Sharepoint, the calendar has additional fields. How do I get outlook to display/allow edit of those additional fields from outlook?

    A separate question, if you will. I have a SP release list, that some people wanted to view in calendar format, and I saw where I can have that calendar view… now some people want to connect that to their outlook, but that option isn’t available (probably because I started it as a list). Can I make that option available? Or start over as a calendar?

    And then, once they overlay to Outlook, they will see that the basic calendar info is displayed, but the additional fields describing the release are not there in outlook, so I’ll be back to the first question.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  25. I don’t think you can edit all fields from outlook , particularly custom. Also 2007 is not 100% compatible with SP 2010 (not sure about sp 2007).

    Try making a new calendar and pulling your list in as an overlay – that may give you what you want. Click on “calendars in view” to add a calendar overlay.

  26. SanC permalink

    Have you ever seen the problem where calendar entries are created without user intervention? The SP 2010 calendar is linked with Outlook 2010. Occassionally the user or approver, content approval is turned on, will get notified of an entry that the user did not initiate himself. The created and modified by shows the user and the date shows 1/1/2088. These type entries have the start and end date only, status = Pending. Because alerts are turned on the alert subject shows: Item IDxxx has been added. xxx is an assigned number. Any ideas would could be causing this?

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