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Redirect a Subdomain in IIS 6

by on May 17, 2010
  1. create sub-domain A record in DNS (ex.
  2. on website server, create a new “site” folder in your http or inetpub folder – whichever you are using
  3. Start>Programs>Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  4. Expand server folder on left to reveal “Web Sites”
  5. Click on Web Sites to select it (you will get a different right click menu if you do not do this)
  6. Right click on Web Sites > New > Web Site
  7. Popup site creation Wizard
    1. next
    2. ex.
    3. next
    4. select or type in IP your company uses
    5. TCP: usually “80”
    7. next
    8. browse > your site folder (ex. c:\inetpub\
    9. next
    10. next
    11. You should now have a website listing in the IIS website folder
  8. Right click on the new website listing in IIS (ex.
  9. click on “Home Directory” tab
  10. at the top, select “a redirection to a URL” radio button
  11. Type in your main sites url address for the page you are redirecting to (ex. http:\\\support.aspx)
  12. Underneath the redirect address, in “The client will be sent to:” > check off “the exact url entered above” (if you do not do this, you may have problems with images paths, css, etc.)
  13. Test site redirection – if you go directly to the page you are done. If not, recheck directions above.

Troubleshooting Note: If you get a server error, check to be sure the company does not use the same address that you created the a record on as an internal and external address – if it does, you may need to add the new subdomain to internal mapping or have someone do it for you.


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