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SSL in IIS 7 – Generate CSR & Apply

by on May 3, 2010
  1. Generate CSR
    1. go to Administrative Tools>IIS7
    2. click on appropriate server name (you must select the Server, not the Website!)
    3. double click on IIS > Server Certificates
    4. On the right hand Actions Pane, click on “create certificate request”
    5. Enter site information as it appears in Whois Database > Next (check on ) Note: If the whois information is not correct, you will want to change it and wait a few days for the edits to propagate through the internet, otherwise, you may not be able to apply the certificate. If you are in a hurry, use the information in the whois DB and change the whois after ssl is applied. You should be able to regenerate/reissue the CSR later (Especially easy with GoDaddy), or you can simply purchase for  a single year and change it next time.
    6. select encryption bit length – I usually choose 4096 (as of May 3, 2010) > Next
    7. Put in easy to organize folder system &  file name (ex. SiteCerts/
    8. Click Finish

Install the site cert on IIS 7

  1. in IIS click on  the server name on which the site is located
  2. Center panel> IIS section >double click Server Certificates
  3. right hand site “Actions” menu > select Complete Certificate Request
  4. Navigate to certificate location
  5. if certificate does not appear either
    1. change the file extension to .cer or
    2. select “.” in the lower right dropdown box – to show all document types (GoDaddy for example, gives you a .crt)
  6. select the cert
  7. enter a friendly name (ie mysite.com2010-2015cer)
  8. ok
  9. assign to the correct website
    1. click on site
    2. in right column, click on bindings, click on add
    3. type dropdown: select https from dropdown
    4. ip: all unassigned
    5. port: 443  (secure port)
    6. ssl dropdown: select correct ssl you just installed and named

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