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Change User Session Timeout In DNN 5

by on March 18, 2010

Host > Host Settings > Advanced > Other Settings

Users Online Time: Set to minutes desired (ex: 60)

You may also want to change “Auto Unlock Accounts After”, which does exactly what it says: It sets the time in minutes for the account to be unlocked after failed login attempts (if, say, someone is trying to hack your admin password – this is a good reason NOT to use “Admin” as your login name!).


  1. Tim Ammons permalink

    Thanks – but I’m pretty sure this is incorrect. The “Users Online Time” is actually related to what is cleared for reporting purposes. This is from another doc I found:

    * UsersOnline tracks the presence of users who have been active on the system within this time period. When the scheduled job runs to clear the tracking tables, it uses this time period as a basis for determining which records to clear.

    – Tim

    • All solutions are real-world working solutions, and not conceptual unless otherwise specified. They may only apply in specific versions, configurations, etc., which I have tried to indicate when applicable.

      Not all documentation is accurate, up to date, clear, or complete.

      If you are having an issue getting a solution to work, please provide the details of your problem.

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