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How to add a new A or Host record to Windows DNS Server

by on March 4, 2010

1)      RDP, local login, or Lomein to DNS server (Ex.

2)      Click on DNS icon on desktop or Start > Administrative Tools > DNS

3)      Expand Primary DNS (Ex. > Expand Forward lookup zones

4)      Click once to select & Right click on site you are adding an A record to

5)      Select  “New Host (A or AAAA)…”

6)      Name: Type in name to append to site name ( site name is auto added to name):


  • For first A record or a new dns listing, make sure to add a record with the Name = blank, this way users can get to your site without the www appended
  • For the second A record add Name=www  so users can get to your site using
  • Add other subsites by typing prepend title in Name (example, type in “blog” for

7)      Map to server – put preferred IP address in appropriate field (ask your network administrator) > click Add Host (ignore beep)

  1. Internal – will only be visible internally
  2. External – usually used, can be seen from anywhere

8)     You should now have two fields that look something like the following on the right side

(same as parent folder)    Host (A)
www                        Host (A)
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