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DNS – How To Create a new Domain listing on Windows DNS server

by on March 4, 2010

Note: Be sure DNS name servers on godaddy are listed as your name servers. (Ex. DNS1.Mysite.COMDNS2.Mysite.COM!!!)

1)     Connect to server (Remote Desktop, local login, Logmein, etc.)

2)      Create DNS listing

  1. Double click DNS Manager icon on server desktop or Start > Administrative Tools > DNS
  2. Expand Primary DNS Server (Ex. –  must use primary DNS)
  3. Forward Lookup Zones > Right click > New Zone

1. Click next

2. Select “primary zone” > click Next

3. Zone name > type domain name without www (ex: “”) > Click Next

4.  Click Next

5. Click Next

6. Click Next

7. Click Finish

  1. Expand Forward Lookup Zones & Single click on newly created zone to select
  2. Right click your new zone > select “Properties”

a. Start of Authority Tab

  1. Serial # – format:  year(4) month(2) day(2) instance(2)

Ex: 2009052601

  1. Primary > (you must do this!)
  2. Refresh=20
  3. Retry=10
  4. Expires=21
  5. Min TTL=2
  6. TTL > 0 :2 :0 :0

b. Name Servers Tab

  1. Click Remove to remove the existing entry
  2. Click add
  • Type “”
  • Click Resolve (ignore “validating”, IP address should appear)
  • Click OK
  1. Click Add
  • Type “”
  • Click resolve (ignore “validating”, IP address should appear)
  • Click OK

c. Zone Transfers Tab

  1. Check allow transfers
  2. Select “only to the following servers”
  3. Click Edit
  4. In the popup click in the highlighted row in the IP address Secondary Servers textbox
  • type in IP of secondary server ( Ex. “”)
  • You Must Hit “Enter” or “Return” on the keyboard
  • Ignore the error and very loud beeping
  • Click OK
  1. Click Notify
  • Check “auto notify”
  • Select “the following servers”
  • In the textbox type in Secondary Server IP (Ex.  “”)
  • You Must Hit “Enter” or “Return” on the keyboard
  • Ignore the loud Beep – It’s a good thing!
  • Click OK

d. Click Apply > Click OK

3)      Create Secondary Server Listing

  1. Expand  Secondary Server (Ex.
  2. Click once on Forward Lookup Zones to highlight > Right click > select “new zone…”

a. Next

b.Select “Secondary Zone” > click Next

c. Zone Name: Click Browse > Find & select  your dns listing from Primary DNS Server (Ex. > OK > click Next

d. In the Master Servers textbox, Type in primary DNS IP address (Ex. “”)

e. Hit Enter on your keyboard – ignore the beep

f.  Click Next

g. Click Finish

4)      Create A (host) record for your new listing on primary dns (see How To Create a New A Record)  & WWW address using external IP unless there are special circumstances (store/ssl, internal use only)

5)      Map to server

  1. Internal – will only be visible internally
  2. External – usually used, can be seen from anywhere (ask your network engineer what the default is)


Note: Stores and other secure sites need their own static internal and external IP addresses to accompany the SSL’s required to run them. Be sure to have this set up before you create an A record & purchase an SSL for any site. BE SURE TO MATCH HOST HEADER TO THE STATIC INTERNAL IP YOU HAVE ADDED TO THE DNS RECORD

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