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How to enable include processing of static files in IIS 6 (HTML, HTM)

by on March 3, 2010

Server > Websites > Right click “YourWebsite” > Select Properties
Home Directory tab > Click Configuration button
In the popup click on the Add button
In the Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping:
-Executable: “C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\ssinc.dll”
-Extension: “.html”|”.htm”
-click on Limit To radio button, Type in “GET,POST”
-click OK
Click OK
Click OK

Your server side includes should now be processed in IIS. This will usually work for all common include file extensions without further setup; .ssi, .shtml, .html, .htm, etc.

For IIS 7

  1. Click on the website in IIS 7
  2. in the center pane, double-click Handler Mappings
  3. In the right pane, click on Add Module Mapping
  4. In popup
    1. request path: *.html (this will process html pages using the module selected)
    2. module: serversideincludemodule
    3. name: HTML ssi processing (or whatever other name you would like to use)
    4. Click on request restrictions > Verbs tab > one of the following verbs Radio Button > Type in “GET, POST”
    5. OK
  5. Click OK
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