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Redirect to specified page on login in DNN 5

by on February 1, 2010

Admin > User Accounts
Click on User Settings
Scroll down to set:
-Redirect After Login
-Redirect After Logout
-Redirect After Registration

  1. Mike Kormendy permalink

    I don’t see this in DNN 7 at all .. where is this? We have the professional version.

  2. as of 7.1 go to site settings > user account tab > login settings section

    there is also a redirect after registration option.

    Neither of these require a paid version, just community edition.

    I cannot speak to what will be available moving forward as DNN corp seems to be removing things that existed in the free version for some time and repackaging them with professional or requiring you to download previously bundled modules separately. Enterprise seems to just be the addition of the SharePoint connector, which is a third party tool they have bought and bundled, i beleive, though they are changing support options very soon according to information I have gathered.

  3. Thanks Emerson! I should have logged back on here and posted that I found it a couple of hours later after I posted here. I was expecting there to be a custom redirect based on user profile itself (or group credentials), but I also found a different functionality that I was able to manually use:

    Instructions under Hammond’s comment.

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