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How do you subscribe to a feed?

by on January 19, 2010

It really depends on the site and the feed reader or application you use. Feeds can be pulled into either a personal account, such as your google reader account, or the feeds can simply be pulled into another site. Dnn, for instance, requires a module($25.00) to access rss & atom feeds properly, and also allows you to style it to match your site. WordPress has a widget that you can easily add any feed to, to display on your site (however, this is not recommended for blogs, since you end up with a lot of repetitive junk content when blogs are all linked to each other).

In most browsers you can simply put in the feed address, and then click on a subscribe button once you are viewing the feed. Alternatively there are shortcuts which you can add to your browser and allow you to quickly add feeds to your personal accounts.

Basically, what you need to see a feed is a “reader”, which can be a stand alone application or a browser, or an “interpreter” to display it on the site. You put the web address into the reader or interpreter, which then displays it in the set format for the reader/interpreter.

One of the most useful feeds is to set up a “Featured” tag, and apply that to recent and important feed topics. You may want to remove article/blog posts from this as they become less important. Keeping 5, 10, or 20 recent and important articles with the Featured tag means that your information will not get lost or be stale.

Hope this helps!

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